Papouli's Menu

At Papouli's Greek Grill, we feature traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine. Leg of lamb, beef, chicken and gyro are presented in a variety of dishes, from the Greek-style sandwich wrap to gourmet-quality platters. Complementing these standard offerings are pastichio, dolmas and, of course, our traditional Greek salads. Rounding out the menu are our classic sweet favorites, like baklava, galaktobouriko, and our own delectable creation - the Nutella brownie love. We welcome you to BYOB at any of our three locations. 

Appetizers | Tapas | Soups

Hummus & Spreads
Served w/pitas or sliced cucumbers
SOLO 5.29 | DUO 8.39 | TRIO 11.49
Traditional Hummus, Jalapeño-Fire Hummus, Roasted Garlic Hummus, Basil Infused Feta, Traditional Tzatziki, Sriracha Tzatziki

Phyllo Puff Pastry 
choice of spinach/feta or cream cheese/ricotta/feta, served with tzatziki

Tossed Greek Salad
seasoned mixed greens, feta, Kalamata olive, Salonika pepper, & tomato w/house balsamic vinaigrette SM 4.99 | LG 9.99

Cup 4.39 | Bowl 5.99
Chicken & Orzo
Tomato Basil

Papouli's Tapas Sampler
HALF 9.99 | FULL 14.99
Kalamata olives, dolmas, puff pastry, Salonika peppers, feta cubes,
falafel, and choice of two hummus or dips, served w/pita or cucumber slices

Grape Leaf Dolmas
six dolmas stuffed w/lightly seasoned rice & served w/tzatziki or lemoni sauce

Caprese Salad
ripe-red tomatoes & fresh mozzarella cheese finished w/seasonings, balsamic vinegar, olive oil & fresh chopped basil SM 6.29 | LG 12.99


The Mediterranean
Large tossed Greek salad with your choice of Favorite or Premium protein, topped with tomatoes, feta, olives, Salonika peppers, & Papouli's House Vinaigrette dressing, served with pita or fresh cucumber slices.

Choice of a Favorite
hand-carved gyro
grilled chicken kabob
or golden fried falafel



Choice of a Premium
grilled leg of lamb kabob
grilled sirloin kabob
grilled shrimp kabob
grilled salmon (+$2)


GreekTown Sides

A la carte | 1.99

Substitute for side - Cup of Soup 1.99 | Demi Salad 1.00

Fresh-cut GreekTown Fries


Lemon-zested orzo


Fresh-cut fruit

Seasonal Side


Moroccan herb couscous


Tuscan pasta salad

Fried Falafel


Feta Cubes


Scratch-made pastry with butter, walnuts & cinnamon layered in phyllo & drenched in honey syrup.

Fresh-made egg cistard nestled in phyllo, topped
with honey syrup & cinnamon.

Nutella Brownie 
House-made Hershey's brownie swirled with Nutella topped with Nestle fudge sauce & walnuts.

Kid's Basket - 6.49

served w/kid-sized beverage & choice of Greektown side
Choose from chicken-on-a-stick, gyro on pita, Nutella pita, chicken tenders, grilled cheese pita

Classic Pita Sandwiches & Gyros

served with a GreekTown side

Choose a Style

ripe red tomatoes, fresh sliced onions, tzatziki

The Greco Roman
our signature sandwich w/melted mozzarella, sautéed onions,
tomatoes & Salonika peppers, tzatziki

The Garden
seasoned mixed greens, feta, tomatoes, onions, balsamic vinaigrette

Choose a Favorite OR Premium


Hand-Carved Gyro
Grilled Chicken Kabob
Golden Fried Falafel

Petite - $8.79

Reg - $9.89

Zeus - $11.99


Grilled Sirloin Kabob
Grilled Leg of Lamb Kabob
Grilled Shrimp Kabob

Reg - $12.89

Zeus - $17.99

Plate Lunch Special

Our petite sandwich w/choice of gyro, chicken, or falafel
Served w/demi-tossed Greek salad & choice of Greektown side

GreekTown Burgers

served on a sweet-sourdough bun w/choice of GreekTown side

Gourmet Americana 
Flame-grilled 1/3lb Angus beef w/lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard (w/or w/out cheese)

Flame-Grilled Chicken 
Savory seasoned 8oz flame-grilled chicken breast w/lettuce, tomato, mayo

Lamb & Feta Burger 
100% ground lamb, blended w/exotic seasonings, topped w/our signature basil-infused feta, lettuce, tomato, onion & hint of mayo

Vegetarian Falafel Burger 
Golden fried falafel patties with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, & jalapeno hummus

Signature Plates

The YiaYia Plate
choice of gyro, chicken, or falafel served with orzo, tossed Greek salad & ½ pita

Grilled Rosemary Chicken 
8oz flame-grilled chicken breast w/lemoni sauce served with couscous, tossed Greek salad & pita

Grilled Salmon Filet 
7oz flame-grilled salmon filet served with orzo, tossed Greek salad, pita

House Plates

served w/choice of GreekTown side, tossed Greek salad & pitas or sliced cucumbers

choose a Favorite - 13.99

hand-carved gyro
grilled chicken kabob
golden fried falafel


choose a Premium - 19.89

grilled leg of lamb kabob
grilled sirloin kabob
grilled shrimp kabob


choose a combination of one each- Favorite & Premium - 17.79

The Papouli’s Feast

serves 2 to 3 for dine in or take out

1/4lb gyro, a chicken kabob, a steak kabob, a shrimp kabob, a leg of lamb kabob,
topped w/fresh onions, tomatoes & served w/tossed Greek salad,
dolmas, puff pastry, tzatziki, & pitas or cucumber slices

The Family Feast for Home

serves four | call ahead required | heated or cook at home | take out only please

Build Your Own Pitas – gyro meat hot or ready to heat, side pita chips,
tossed Greek salad, 10 pitas, tzatziki sauce 98.00

Grilled Rosemary Chicken - 4 chicken breasts, marinated & ready to cook, couscous,
tossed Greek salad, pitas, desserts 62.00

(below are available Thursday to Saturday WITH 24-hour notice, please)

Roasted Leg of Lamb – boneless, marinated & ready to cook, orzo, tossed Greek salad & dessert 108.00

Pastichio – full pan casserole ready to heat & eat, tossed Greek salad, pitas 84.00

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