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Whether you're planning an intimate dinner or a large event, Papouli's offers stress-free catering solutions. From preparing large meals you can pick up to serving you and your guests in your location, Papouli's catering provides robust, flavorful foods your guests will love. Email our catering manager for more information at, or call(210) 929-3917Call for catering info

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Pick Up Your Order

Pick-up or delivery of large orders. Please call 24 hours in advance to ensure your order is ready on time.

Delivery & Set-Up

Papouli's will deliver & set up at your location.

Special Events

Papouli's will deliver, set up, serve & take down at your location.


Tossed Greek Salad
Seasoned green leaf, radicchio & romaine lettuce, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, Salonika peppers, tomatoes & our own balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
$50 Large | $30 Half
Large serves 15-20 | Half serves 6-10

Caprese Salad
Ripe red tomatoes & fresh mozzarella cheese finished with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, spices & fresh chopped basil.
$50 | Serves up to 25

GreekTown Sides

Morroccan Herb Couscous
A wonderful blend of seminola pasta, chives, dried cranberries with a hint of veggie broth & other special seasonings.
 $28 | Serves 10

Ground garbanzo beans (chickpeas) formed into patties & fried to a golden brown in 100% vegetable oil and served with Tzatziki.
$28 | 10 portions

Lemon-Zested Orzo Pasta
Pasta simmered with veggie base, olive oil & seasonings, blended with Romano cheese & a light lemon zest.
 $28 | Serves 10

Imported grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice, smothered in our lemóni sauce.
 $34 | 30 pieces

Mediterranean Cool Pasta
Tri-colored imported pasta, Salonika peppers, sundried tomatoes & feta cheese.
 $28 | Serves 10

Pita Bread
Soft Mediterranean-style flatbread.
 $12 | Serves 10

Sweet Treats

Handmade Baklava
Traditional Greek dessert made in-house with phyllo (a paper-thin pastry), cinnamon, walnuts & honey syrup.
$39 Large | $22 Small
24 / 12 pieces

Nutella Brownie Love
Homemade Hershey's brownie triangles with a dash of Nutella & topped with a drizzle of Nestle fudge syrup.
$39 Large | $22 Small
24 / 12 pieces

Homemade Galaktobouriko
Similar to an egg custard or a Greek-style flan. Made in-house with phyllo, cinnamon, eggs, farina, vanilla & sugar, topped with honey syrup & cinnamon. Served hot or chilled.
 $39 | Serves 15-25

Fresh Fruit Bowl
A colorful array of fresh seasonal fruit. 
 $32 | Serves 10-15

Fresh Fruit Platter
A colorful array of fresh seasonal fruit. 
 $49 | Serves 25


Beverage Service
 Sweet, Unsweet, Seasonal Flavors & Lemonade

Bottled/Canned Beverages
prices vary

Party Trays

Tapas Party Tray
A perfect beginning to a meal, with dolmas, tyropita, spanakopita, falafel, feta cheese, Kalamata olives & a dip of your choice with pitas or chips.
 $58 | Serves 25

Basic Pile of Pitas
Small sized gyro or chicken pitas with a side of Pita Chips or Lemon-Zested Orzo.
$88 | Serves 10 

Phyllo Puff Pastries Party Tray
Baked puff pastry stuffed with your choice of either feta/ricotta/cream cheese or feta/spinach. Served with tzatziki sauce.
 $38 | 24 Pieces

Premium Pile of Pitas
Medium-sized pita sandwiches with your choice of gyro, chicken or falafel pita sandwich, with your choice of any GreekTown Side.
$108 | Serves 10
Substitute beef, shrimp, lamb: $128

Custom Dips & Spreads
Choose any one of our delicious dips, served with loads of pita chips or fresh grilled pita bread.
$28 Large | $18 Small  Serves 20 / 10

Additional Pints$10

Traditional Hummus
Jalapeño Fire Hummus
Roasted Garlic Hummus
Sriracha Hummus

Seasoned Hummus
Basil-Infused Feta Dip
Tzatziki Cucumber Sauce
Sriracha Tzatziki

Party Feasts

Serves 10 people.

Small Tossed Greek Salad + Meat + Dip Tray
Begin with a Tossed Salad. Then, Hand-Carved Gyro or Grilled Chicken Mini-kabobs marinated & grilled with our house spice. Your choice of Dip Tray to complete this feast.
For beef, lamb, or shrimp kabobs, add $20 per tray

Small Tossed Greek Salad + Meat + Dip Tray + GreekTown Side
Same as MINI FEAST above, & add your choice of Couscous or Orzo Pasta.

Small Tossed Greek Salad + Meat + Dip Tray + GreekTown Side + Dessert
Same as GLENDI FEAST above, with a choice from the Custom Dips & Spreads, & add our Homemade Baklava or Nutella Brownie Love. 12 pieces of dessert

Party Entrées

Don't forget to grab your sides & salads.

Serves 10

Chicken Kabobs | $68

Beef, Lamb or Shrimp Kabobs| $88

Grilled Rosemary Lemóni Chicken
Marinated chicken breasts, flame-grilled and drizzled with our homemade lemóni sauce on a bed of couscous or orzo pasta.
 $54 | 5 filets

Burger Bar
Build your own Burger/Chicken Burger bar with all the toppings. Comes with a choice of any GreekTown side.
 $108 | Serves 10

Flame-Grilled Salmon Fillet
Flame-grilled salmon fillets, seasoned with our Mediterranean spice mix on a bed of couscous or orzo pasta.
 $78 | 5 filets

Homemade Pastichio Casserole
Baked macaroni casserole with sautéed ground beef, topped with béchamel (white cream sauce).
 $64 | Serves 6-10

Gyro by the Pound
Rotisserie-broiled, hand-sliced blend of lamb, beef & spices.

Don't forget to add warm fluffy pitas for $10, and a pint of Tzatziki for $8.

Please note: Consuming undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

more information at (210) 929-3917.


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