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Papouli Tom, grandfather to Papouli's Greek Grill owner Nick Anthony

Papouli Tom, Nick’s Grandfather

Welcome to Papouli's Greek Grill

Greeks are legendary for their place in the restaurant business. Life in the villages of Greece revolves around hospitality — guests are treated like family, and shop owners take pride in offering guests their very best. Our legacy in the restaurant business begins with Papouli Tom (my Grandfather), who brought his heritage to America when he opened his first restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, in 1912.

In Greece, Papoulis and Yia Yias (grandfathers and grandmothers) are revered by their families for their wisdom and hearty spirit. That's why we're so honored that the legacy of my Grandfather's restaurant was passed to my father, Dan Anthony, and then on to me. Now, we're carrying on the Anthony family tradition into its third generation with a dining concept that honors our family's heritage and shared our spirit of hospitality.

And so, Papouli's Greek Grill continues the legacy of passing down to future generations a tradition common in all countries — warm and genuine hospitality through great food, lasting friendships and good times.

Nick Anthony, Founder

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